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About Horizons Ensemble

This chamber jazz ensemble features the talents of British pianist John Taylor, Dutch cellist Ernst Reijeseger along with Nathalie Bonin and Parmella Attariwala on violins and Quinsin Nachoff on saxophones and compositions.


"Nothing about...Horizons Ensemble is typical from track to track, mirroring only itself, yet expansive in a way that's elemental."
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"an enticing combination of plangent romanticism and dark percussive drama."
Troy Collins
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"Horizons Ensemble is one of the more serious sounding and successful units to emerge from the underground fully (in)formed."
Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
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"The balance the band brings is striking and profound; the music elevates and thrills with its resplendence."
AllAboutJazz - Jerry D'Souza
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**** (of 4) "Horizons Ensemble marks Nachoff as a major young jazz composer"
Globe&Mail (Canada's National Newspaper) - J.D. Considine
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"...an impressive, intense, and colorful musical experience..."
JazzReview.com - Veronica Timpanelli
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"...one of the revelations of the year..."
Thierry Lepin - Jazzman Magazine (France), Dec 2008
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"bold, diverse and filled with compelling counterpoint"
Downbeat - James Hale
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"This is a strong, intelligent musical statement."
Exclaim! Magazine -Glen Hall
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"A voice distinguished from it's peers and a composer to be reckoned with."
Citizen Jazz (France) - Diane Gastellu
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John Taylor - piano
Ernst Reijseger - cello
Nathalie Bonin - violin I
Parmela Attariwala - violin II
Quinsin Nachoff - saxophones & compositions

Would like to thank Adrean Farrugia for his help with this project who was regrettably omitted from the Acknowledgments.

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