Quinsin Nachoff's Flux

Flux - Path of Totality

Whirlwind Recordings (2019)

  • David Binney - alto sax
  • Quinsin Nachoff - tenor sax, compositions
  • Matt Mitchell - piano, keyboards, synthesizers
  • Kenny Wollesen - drums, percussion
  • Nate Wood - drums

"Path of Totality is a stunning, deep dive of an album, the sort of music in which one could spend hours submersed."

4.5 stars, DownBeat Magazine, J.D. Considine

"This album abounds with appealing ideas, both textural and improvisational, as well as gripping tension, which is rarely abandoned. A group showing a phenomenal facility in blazing undiscovered sonic paths."


"An imaginative and ground breaking suite of compositions... Complex music that requires and demands multiple replays, the better to understand and appreciate the extent of its many nuances... it certainly merits it."

4.5 stars, All About Jazz, Roger Farbey

Nominated for a 2019 JUNO Award.

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Flux is an ensemble, and Nachoff a composer, that thrive in the spaces between genres, styles and inspirations. At its foundation Flux is a quartet, though at times on this album a quintet and sometimes more, employing a vast array of instruments and a vivid palette of musical colors to create something that is consistently surprising as its shape morphs from moment to moment over the course of these six epic length pieces.

In saxophonist David Binney, Nachoff has a frontline partner with a keen-edged tone and a refined ear for texture, having integrated electronics into his own work as an artist and a producer that expand and mutate his sonic environments. Matt Mitchell is a rigorous boundary pusher, a pianist and composer who astutely avoids obvious choices in favor of pressing fervidly into the unexplored. Kenny Wollesen couples a similarly adventurous instinct with a passion for the playful, as reflected not only in the eccentric arsenal of invented instruments known as “Wollesonics” but in the buoyant swing he maintains even in his most complex and abstract rhythmic excursions. The new addition this time out is Nate Wood, who alternates and at times shares the drum chair with Wollesen, lending the band an urgency and avant-rock propulsion familiar from his work with Kneebody.

Flux - Path of Totality - Commissioned Short Films

Nachoff commissioned six cutting-edge filmmakers to create original work in response to his recording, Path of Totality.

He asked each filmmaker to create an artistic response to miniature versions of individual tracks from the recording.

Bounce, Lee Hutzulak

Path of Totality, Anne Beal

Splatter, Udo Prinsen

March Macabre, Željka Blakšić

Toy Piano Meditation, JiYe Kim

Orbital Resonances, Trent Freeman

Flux - debut

Mythology Recordings (2016)

  • David Binney - alto sax
  • Quinsin Nachoff - tenor sax, compositions
  • Matt Mitchell - piano, keyboards
  • Kenny Wollesen - drums, percussion

"...breathtakingly inventive as group members and as individual players."

Donald Elfman, New York City Jazz Record

"The quartet's self-command is engaged in a battle with each individual player's sense of freedom, making for that agitation that marks all great music."

4 stars, Mark Corroto, All About Jazz

"[Nachoff]'s playing was a revelation. Parsing shimmers of Sonny Rollins, Wayne Shorter and Mark Turner, he constructed an amalgam of classical counterpoint and rugged expressionistic improv..."

Michael Jackson, DownBeat Magazine, Live Concert Review, Chicago

Nominated for a 2017 JUNO Award.

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Nachoff brilliantly captures the sound of evolution on his release, Flux. Exploring the elusive terrain between modern jazz and contemporary classical, between the cerebral and the organic, Nachoff reveals a fervently original sound that evokes bold, incisive playing from a singularly innovative quartet.